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Original Partners of TOCEMA I & II Europe:

Lead Partner: The Belgian Association of Town Centre Management (AMCV)
Address: Rue Samson 27, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Email: claire.albaret@amcv.be

Project Partners:
Organisation: Piedmont region - Department for Commerce ans Crafts
Country: Italy
Email: elena.franco@tcmitalia.eu

Organisation: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lille
Country: France
Email:  e.seidlitz@grand-lille.cci.fr

Organisation: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon
Country: France
Email: info@lyon.cci.fr

Organisation: Association of Town Center Management (ATCM)
Country: United Kingdom
Email: info@atcm.org 

Organisation: Belchatow Town Office
Country: Poland
Email: um@belchatow.pl 

Organisation: Limerick Lodis Ltd. t/a Limerick Co-Ordination Office
Country: Ireland
Email: info@limerick.ie 

Organisation: The Swedish Association of Town Centre Management
Country: Sweden
Email: info@svenskastadskarnor.se

Organisation: Spanish Association for Town Centre Management (CECA)
Country: Spain 
Email: dpto_proyectos@cecacomercio.org

Organisation: Tourist association - Old town-quarter Salzburg
Country: Austria
Email: office@salzburg-altstadt.at


TOCEMA Europe aimed at creating a pan-European network which would allow regions to exchange hands-on experience and good practices. By designing a common identity and methodology for Town Centre Management, TOCEMA has created a European quality label which is internationally recognisable. The operation also seeked to encourage new projects in Town Centre Management associations (public and private partnership) by organising staff exchange trainings throughout Europe.


The first project started in 2001 and the second in May 2005 with a kick off meeting in Mons (Belgium). The kick off meeting was followed by 7 thematic workshops of two days held in different regions around Europe, which contributed to the creation of practical tools and dissemination of the project: in Gothenburg (Sweden), Lyon (France), London (UK), Salzburg (Austria), Cuneo (Italy), Limerick (Ireland) and Belchatow (Poland). The meetings also allowed partners to select initiatives that applied for the European Quality Mark. 

The practical guide, summing up these years of common thinking and concrete actions on site, aims to guide and give tools to managers in order to enable them reach the different standards of the Quality Mark as well as to disseminate the concept of town centre management. 

Its objective is also to disseminate the concept in countries where town centre management has not yet been developed.

The results of the project were presented to 300 persons from 11 EU countries during a symposium organised in February 2007 in Namur (Belgium). The event also displayed the first Quality Mark award ceremony (18 nominees). The project ended in Lille (France) with the signature of an agreement among partners that set the base of the European association of town centre management . During the whole project, 31 five-day staff exchanges were coordinated among managers during which they exchanged their day to day work methodology.

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