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Today, city centres are a key factor for tommorrow's sustainability.

They face a double challenge:
• attract new inhabitants willing to find surroundings adapted to their needs
• develop and maintain a strong, healthy and long-term economic development
To these ends, there is the need for an active reinvesting policy, recreating an environment adapted to social and economic development and ensuring a global management of the urban space.

Town Centre Management aims at helping all the different stakeholders involved in the city centre finding mutual interests and synergies.
Each city centre is unique. To protect and respect this very own character, TCM advocates that customized partnerships are created with close links to the field's reality. Yet, the global structure, the working methods and the phisolophy remain the same.

As a TCM catalyst the AMCV (Association du Management de Centre-Ville - Belgian Association of Town Centre Management), was created in 1997. it has been one of the founding fathers of the European Federation of City Centres. It brings together public and private stakeholders, local TCM associations, cities willing to implement TCM as a structure to manage their urban spaces.
The AMCV has also an essential neutral role on regional and federal scales. It has coordinated and led TOCEMA from its very beiginning and works at making it a stronger and richer network as time goes by.
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