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What is Town Centre Management [TCM] ?


It is important to ensure that town centre functions (culture, office space, services, education, retail, etc.) are developed and that they are not relocated outside of the town centre. New investment projects must favour multipurpose approaches and a "vertical mix" in buildings which guarantee a lively city.

Town centre management embraces as many -but is not limited to- the following departments:
·       Retail development
·       Communication policy
·       Flawless maintenance
·       Public space planning
·       Access to the town centre
·       Safety
·       Housing


Town Centre Management consists in implementing a precisely-targeted and well-balanced strategy allowing town centres to respond to the expectations of its current and future users. This means identifying users' current and future needs, implementing and taking the necessary measures to reach the objectives stated in a strategic plan.

Town Centres are complex spaces, restricted in size yet characterised by a wide diversity: it is a place for work, leisure, culture, history, education, living, health, shopping and public services. All the players from these various areas are called upon to work together, in a coherent way, for the benefit of the town centre as a whole. To this end, Town Centre Management has proven its worth in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and has emerged as a potent urban development tool.
Town Centre Management brings together private and public stakeholders, whether from political, economic or social areas, around a common project, thus giving rise to dialogue and cooperation. TCM introduces a new process into the urban space and encourages actions that produce both direct and indirect impacts on the urban environment. Town Centre Management also strives to create a viable urban space in order to attract new inhabitants and develop the town centre's economic activity
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