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The positive impact of Town Centre Management [TCM] :
  • TCM acts on the vitality and viability of the city centre,
  • TCM is a means of economic, social and cultural developmentof the city centre in keeping with the overall framework of urban development,
  • TCM is a formal or informal public-private partnership that focuses on vision, strategic development and promotes the active involvement of different stakeholders in the management, marketing, resourcing and development of the town centre,
  • TCM brings together stakeholders from different sectors and facilitates exchanges, understanding and actions,
  • TCM ensures the setting up of a shared and inclusive vision and strategy that combines in a multidisciplinary approach long- and short term objectives in order to initiate actions in diverse fieldssuch as retail, environment (cleanliness, security, etc), tourism, culture, accessibility, housing and urban development, answering the expectations of the stakeholders, users and citizens,
  • TCM is financially supported by the public and/or private sectors.
TCM is pro active and innovative and adapts itself to new challenges in the city, the evolution of the environment, and the way of life and behaviours of its users through research and the development of new working methods.
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